◆Quality - different batches, consistent from beginning to end

1.Overseas raw material base using professional carbide furnace, select the 2-10 mesh quality coconut shell carbonization material。

2.Central computer control system, to ensure the implementation of the preparation process specification。

3.Detection and Analysis Center, real-time online monitoring, high frequency sampling, to ensure high quality and consistent。

◆Technology - professional talent and unique skills

1.Share with strategic partner:2 items of National Science and technology progress award, 5 items of national science and technology achievement appraisal certificate, 6 items of provincial science and Technology Progress Award and authentication certification.

2.R & D team own 3 doctors, 4 masters, 5 undergraduate professional, involving forestry chemical industry, environment, machinery, management and other disciplines。

3.dedicated activated carbon research and development, to conform with customer's unique application and the perfect match。

◆Services - efficient integrated service capabilities

1.With more than 20 offices in the China,  more speedly response to customers。

2.with synchronously R & D, manufacturing, efficient one-stop integrated services of Active carbon products and application equipment 。

◆Energy conservation and environmental protection--- economy,         environment, society  mutually beneficial

1.with factories in bonded zones and industrial estate, the preparation process completely conform with the requirements of environmental protection, the material does not contact ground,   fully enclosed conveying and  no dust, no" three wastes"。

2.Automation, large-scale and clean production process, to achieve low energy consumption, low emission, and high efficiency。

3.certificated by ISO9001 quality system certification and 14000 environmental system ,conform with the ROHS environmental requirements。

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