Products name: Honeycomb catalyst air purification activated carbon
Products applications:  the products are widely used in New House fitment, eradicating Odor indoor, eradicating ozone, eradicating formaldehyde, eradicating toluene, eradicating benzene , VOC treatment indoor and ect.
Products descriptions:
The removing formaldehyde honeycomb catalyst was developed independently by our company , became more efficient and simpler in removing formaldehyde. With high removal capacity of indoor and in-car . the products also passed the test of 《National indoor car environment and environmental protection product quality supervision and inspection center》. Our company also pay attention to Scientific research development, provided the core technology and new material for Organic waste gas purification treatment and environmental protection in our country . The
 technology of this product are leading domestic level, part of technical indicators had reached the international advanced level.

YK-FW-PT series(single ply per 50-100g)
Removing ozone type Removing methanal type Removing peculiar smell type
CTC % ≥ 99 99 98
hardness  mpa 1.2-2.4 1.2-2.4 1.2-2.4
air resistance  Pa/1m/s ≤ 24 24 24
waste gas treatment apacity m3/H 15000 13000 20000
removing benzene  % ≥ 99 100 98
removing formaldehyde % ≥ / 95 90
products standard::
 100*100*30mm/300pores/in2;100*50*30mm/300 pores/in2
(Other sizes according to customer demands about sizes and pores)

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